Location & Area

         Hanumangarh is the northern most district of Rajasthan. Total area is 9656.09 sq km; the district is surrounded by Churu in south, Sri Ganganagar in west, Punjab and Haryana in north and east respectively. The geographical coordinates of the district are 29° 5' to 30° 6' North latitude and 74° 3' to 75º 3' east Longitude.

Hanumangarh Infrastructure / Facilities

Infrastructure / Facilities 31.12.2012
Area Served by Per Medical Institution (Sq. Km.) (Annual Progress Report- DMHS) 25
No. of Electrified villages (Annual Progress Report- RVVN) 1711
No. of Villages with drinking water facilities (Annual Progress Report- PHED) 1773
Road (PWD) length in km. (Annual Progress Report- PWD) 3151
Per Capita Net District Domestic Product 2009-10
At current prices (Rs.) 36210
At Constant (2004-05) Prices (Rs.) 23424
Land Use (Agricultural Statistics of Rajasthan- DES) 2010-11
Average land holding (Hect.) (Census of Agriculture)​​ 4.93
% of Forest area to reporting area 1.90
% of Net Irrigated Area to Net Area Sown 44.54
% of Gross Irrigated Area to Gross Area Sown​ 52.52